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With Respect is not a crisis response service. For crisis responses phone:
  • 000 Victoria Police for immediate safety
  • 1800 RESPECT family violence and sexual assault 24-hour telephone support
  • 1800 015 188 Safe Steps Victoria available 24 hours for crisis support for women
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w|respect – 1800 LGBTIQ

w|respect is a new specialist LGBTIQ family violence service funded by the Victorian government in 2017. Its role is to both support people in LGBTIQ communities and their families affected by family violence as well as build the capacity of the integrated family services and specialist family violence system.

w|respect is a partnership of four LGBTIQ specialist organisations who bring to the service key areas of LGBTIQ service and support specialisation which will be critical elements of the service model:

What does w|respect do?

w|respect has been developed to provide the full public health spectrum of prevention, early intervention and tertiary responses for:

  • LGBTIQ people who are, may be, or at risk of experiencing family violence or intimate partner violence;
  • LGBTIQ people who are, think they may be, or at risk of using violence against a family member/s or partner.

w|respect is not a crisis response service — people in immediate danger should contact 000.

w|respect is part of the broader family violence service system and provides:

  • Counselling, case management and recovery programs for LGBTIQ victim/survivors of family violence.
  • Programs for LGBTIQ people using violence with the goal that they stop using violence and abuse.
  • Expertise and secondary consultation to agencies who have been the primary contact in LGBTIQ family violence cases such as the police and courts, early childhood and other education providers, primary health and hospitals, maternal and child health and other peri-natal services, AOD and mental health providers, child protection, and integrated and specialised family services.

w|respect’s key aims are:

  • To reduce intimate partner and family violence in LGBTIQ communities through violence prevention and early intervention activities.
  • To provide effective and appropriate family and intimate partner violence services for LGBTIQ people, their children and families.
  • Provide effective perpetrator interventions for LGBTIQ communities to cease or reduce people’s use of violence and encourage them to recognise and take responsibility for their actions.
  • To build evidence around prevention and responses to family and intimate partner violence experienced by LGBTIQ people, their children and families.
  • To build evidence around perpetrator interventions targeted at LGBTIQ people.

What is an Integrated LGBTIQ Family Violence Service?

The Integrated Service Response model is available for those people experiencing family violence who want an holistic response. This service model provides a perpetrator case specialist and a victim case specialist who work collaboratively to ensure a whole of family approach to service provision. Rather than separating service responses, the service responses for victim and perpetrator in this integrated model are coordinated and supported by a practice lead. They provide the case planning and coordination of the work with both parties. This ensures the safety of victims alongside the engagement with perpetrators who are encouraged to address and abstain from using violence. Alternatively, where a person experiencing violence does not want an integrated response or it is inappropriate to do so, the needs of that person and the person using violence against them are accommodated within separate LGBTIQ-inclusive Family Violence Services.

Intake and referral

Any LGBTIQ person, their family or friends, who are affected by family violence can contact w|respect directly on 1800 LGBTIQ during business hours, Monday – Friday. After hours counselling is available on Wednesday, between 5pm and 11pm, and on Saturday and Sunday, between 10am and 10pm. Services working with LGBTIQ communities, their families or friends who are affected by family violence can refer people for Intake and Referral for support via 1800 LGBTIQ, fax 03 9639 3363. The specialised Intake team can take immediate referrals and are also available to provide secondary consultation and support to other organisations. Consultation may be required regarding the service needs of LGBTIQ clients, their families and friends who are affected by family violence, or in relation to other issues which contribute to their health and wellbeing.