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Party and Play

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Party and play can happen in lots of different ways in lots of different places. 

You have drinks with friends on Friday night, go out for dinner on the weekend or you might attend an LGBTIQ+ social event where the night ends with everyone going home. Sometimes we hook up with someone and end up at someone’s house, a party or a venue.

Often hook ups can be fun, but sometimes things can turn a bit more serious. Anyone can be caught off guard and will suddenly need to think about staying safe, consent and respect. Regardless of the situation and whether drugs are involved, all parties have the right to make decisions about their bodies, drug use, and when to leave.

Drugs, alcohol and sex can combine to make for a fun night out but consent, negotiation and knowing your own limits all play a role in keeping you, and those around you, safe and respected.  it is important to find out the risks of the drugs you’re using, especially if you are going to mix them with alcohol. Some of these combinations can be dangerous and if you are living with HIV, they may interact with your meds. 

It is your right to say no, even if you start something and change your mind. You can take steps to reduce any potential harm by making a plan early on and considering any situations which may be unsafe or make you uncomfortable. If the dynamic is unsafe you may want to leave the situation.






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