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Our Relationships

What Does Feeling Safe and Valued in a Relationship Look Like?

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In any relationship it is important to feel not only physically safe, but emotionally safe as well. Positive relationships value a person’s unique attributes and allow space for all parties to speak their mind and share decision making. As members of the LGBTIQ+ communities, we don’t often see our relationships modelled in the media or in the wider community. Sometimes society or our own internal feelings of homophobia, biphobia or transphobia might stop us from believing that we deserve positive…

Making Decisions

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“I think if you're strong in your relationship before, it strengthens your relationship even more.” Growing your Rainbow Family Having early conversations about what becoming a family might look like can help you make the decisions that were important to you when you began taking steps towards creating your own family. Whether you are a sole prospective parent, partners or co-parents, or other family members like a known donor or surrogate, everyone involved needs to understand what decisions might need…

Supporting Your Friend

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It can be difficult to see your friend, family member, or colleague being treated abusively in a relationship. Your first instinct might be to take action and help them immediately. It is important to remember that the person may not be ready to take immediate action or it may not be safe for them to do so. They may have care of children or pets to consider or may not be emotionally ready to identify their experience as family violence.…

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