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  • 1800 015 188 Safe Steps Victoria available 24 hours for crisis support for women
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Family Violence

What is Gaslighting

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You may have heard of ‘gaslighting’, a term used to describe a form of emotional and psychological manipulation and abuse. Gaslighting can cause someone to question their own perception of events, their memory, their thoughts, and doubt their sanity. It is common for gaslighting to include behaviour such as someone abusing their partner by telling them they are irrational, imagining things, are overly emotional or “crazy”. According to Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre gaslighting can include: Making you doubt…

Recognising Intimate Partner Violence and Family Violence

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Often it can be difficult to recognise or articulate your experience as family or intimate partner violence. This may be due to ongoing control, manipulation or gaslighting as well as minimisation from family, friends, or the person using violence. People may experience intimate partner violence from a current partner, partners or ex-partners. Family Violence can be used by someone from family of origin, chosen family, or someone in a caring role. When someone is using family or intimate partner violence…

When Our Relationships End

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Ending a relationship, separating from your partner or partners, or getting a divorce can be very difficult and upsetting for everyone involved. The end of a relationship can occur in a mutual and respectful way. In many cases people choose to attend mediation, access counselling or use financial advice services to help them work out the best options for the future care of children or pets, and for help with dividing assets like housing, finances or other matters. Sometimes ending…

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