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With Respect is not a crisis response service. For crisis responses phone:
  • 000 Victoria Police for immediate safety
  • 1800 RESPECT family violence and sexual assault 24-hour telephone support
  • 1800 015 188 Safe Steps Victoria available 24 hours for crisis support for women
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You can contact w|respect directly by phoning 1800 LGBTIQ (1800 542 847) After house counselling is available on Wednesday, between 5pm and 11pm, and on Saturday and Sunday, between 10am and 10pm.

The following information is for queer (LGBTIQ) people who are experiencing, at risk of or seeking advice about violence in intimate relationships in any form. If you are a professional supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) people who are experiencing, or at risk of, family violence please visit go here.

Relationship & Community

Most people within LGBTIQ communities have respectful relationships but, in some circumstances, we can find ourselves questioning whether some aspects of our relationships are respectful or not, as there’s not always a fine line.

Some forms of disrespectful relationships are more obvious than others, such as experiencing physical abuse. We hope that this page provides tips and advice on helping you have and maintain respectful relationships and advice as to what to do when you think your relationship is disrespectful.

Within the LGBTIQ communities , many of us have diverse interpersonal relationships, such as casual sex, anonymous hook ups, polyamorous or open relationships, to name a few. Whatever form of interpersonal relationship/s we engage in we all deserve respect.

Some of us also diverse family forms, such as families of choice, including adopted families, step families or families with multiple parental figures and/or guardians. However our family is made up, no family is without stress and however stressful things get, we all deserve respect.

There is a lack of representation for trans and gender diverse (TGD) people and their relationships throughout the cultural landscape.  The representation that does exist is often depicts negative stereotypes and lacks nuance and complexity.  WeDeserve aims to counter these narratives through positive role modelling and representation.

WeDeserve endeavours to nurture the diversity of TGD relationship structures, highlight vulnerabilities faced by TGD people, reflect the communities’ resilience in the face of adversity and demonstrate how protective respectful relationships are.  It is the hope of WeDeserve that in seeing affirming representation, TGD people will enjoy increasingly respectful and safe relationships where they are valued and that they get the relationships they deserve.

WeDeserve has been working hard over the last year, consulting with a wide array of trans, gender diverse and non-binary individuals and communties. This consultation has led to the development of three short films depicting how complicated, but also how beautiful the relationships we forge can be.

Theatre of the Deserving.  Friday 16 August 5:30pm-8pm

If you are trans, gender-diverse and non-binary community members, we invite you and your loved ones to come and take part in conversations about the relationships we can forge as individuals and a community. The night involves the film screening and facilitated conversations.

Light snacks and drinks provided, Accessible, gender-neutral bathrooms will be available.

For more info or to register for this event check out our facebook invite.

More about WeDeserve:

WeDeserve is the w|respect consortia’s family violence primary prevention project, led by Transgender Victoria, in collaboration with drummond street services.

WeDeserve, utilising co-development and co-design frameworks, is developing prevention strategies for under-researched trans and gender diverse (TGD) cohorts and to continue the development of an intersectional understanding for the prevention of family violence.