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Elder Abuse

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Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is any form of violence or mistreatment that causes harm to an older person and occurs within a relationship of trust.[1]

We all deserve to enjoy loving and respectful relationships. No matter what age you are, safety and respect should be a part of all your relationships.

Our older LGBTIQ+ community members bring generations of knowledge, history and passion for equal rights, for fighting against stigma and discrimination and for the social and legal reforms many of us enjoy today.

Many older and ageing LGBTIQ+ people enjoy respectful and safe relationships regardless of their age, family circumstances or care needs. Warm, loving and intimate relationships continue throughout our lifetimes, yet sometimes older people are targets of violence due to ageism, homophobia, and gender based violence.

It is important to remember that elder abuse and harm is a form of family violence and can also be intimate partner violence. Someone may transition from male to female later in life and can experience emotional abuse from their cisgender partner. Elder abuse may also occur when a queer partner dies and family members engage in financial abuse by contesting wills or restricting access to assets.

Addressing elder abuse within our LGBTIQ+ communities promotes a culture where everyone feels welcome.

Our LGBTIQ+ communities should be respectful and safe spaces for everyone to enjoy.

All of us deserve respect

URGENT: If you, or someone you know are experiencing family violence you can call With Respect for support, advice and referral on 1800LGBTIQ or 1800542847. If you need immediate support, contact 000.

Recommended Resources (hyperlinks needed)

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Carer Gateway  https://www.carergateway.gov.au/resources-for-lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-intersex-carers


Living Positive Victoria (Senior Voices Project) http://livingpositivevictoria.org.au/positive-speakers-bureau/senior-voices-project/


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