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With Respect is not a crisis response service. For crisis responses phone:
  • 000 Victoria Police for immediate safety
  • 1800 RESPECT family violence and sexual assault 24-hour telephone support
  • 1800 015 188 Safe Steps Victoria available 24 hours for crisis support for women
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LGBTIQ people using family violence

The development of services and specialised programs for LGBTIQ people using violence is an emerging space. WithRespect’s integrated service model offers case management services for people using violence against partners or family members as well as people experiencing family violence.

In the absence of comprehensive evidence on LGBTIQ perpetrators, w|respect will aim to develop evidence and build on existing family and intimate partner violence data. In the interim, the integrated services offered by w|respect will ensure thorough assessment and differential response to both perpetrators and victim survivors while maintaining strong focus on safety and managing risks.

A number of service providers are working towards more inclusive service provision and broadening the scope of existing programs which can meet the needs of LGBTIQ cohorts experiencing or using violence. Service providers seeking to make referrals or access support clients from LGBTIQ communities are encouraged to phone w|respect on 1800 LGBTIQ for the most up to date information.

1800 LGBTIQ | 1800 542 847